Sync/Repair operation for iLOK licenses

The first generation iLOK is not as speedy as the second generation iLOK; please be patient as this type of iLOK will take longer and the process may seem slow or like nothing is happening. Don’t quit the process, leave it alone until it is finished. Seriously! Don’t touch the keyboard.

IMPORTANT: For the quickest and best result, we recommend going through these steps with each affected iLOK individually, having only that iLOK plugged in.

If you are having a problem with an iLOK or a license, please follow the steps below for each of your affected iLOK:

1. Unplug all iLOK from your computer.

2. Launch iLOK License Manager. If you see “operation in progress” immediately upon launching, wait until the message clears before signing in. BE PATIENT. Do not close the application. When the initial operation is finished, sign in.

3. Plug in ONE iLOK.

4. Double-click the plugged in iLOK in the left-hand location column to open the Details Pane.

5. Click the “Sync/Repair” link, and wait until the process completes. Again, be patient and let it do its job. The progress bar may flicker and at some points it may look like nothing is happening but you need to wait for the confirmation that the process is finished. This may take some time, especially for a first generation iLOK.

6. Verify that all expected licenses are now seen on your iLOK, or in some cases, a license may be in your account instead of on the iLOK. All expired licenses will be moved to your account.

7. Repeat steps 3-6 until you have performed a Sync/Repair on each iLOK.