Studio One Blacklist Reset

To ensure Studio One successfully rescans a plugin that previously encountered issues, it's necessary to reset the plugin blacklist and restart the DAW. This prompts Studio One to re-scan those plugins. You can accomplish this by navigating to Preferences > Locations > VST Plug-Ins.

Note for Windows Users: The directory listed in "Locations" may vary based on your setup. If you haven't specified a custom VST location, it typically should be "C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3".

To initiate the rescan, click the "Reset Blacklist" button and acknowledge the confirmation prompt. Ensure the "Scan at startup" option is enabled before restarting Studio One. Upon restart, Studio One will re-scan the plugin. If the plugin hasn't been activated, an activation window should pop up. Refer to our guide for assistance with the activation process via this pop-up window.

Troubleshooting Steps: In certain instances, the above method might not trigger a rescan in Studio One. If you encounter this issue, an effective workaround is to clear Studio One's plugin cache. This action forces Studio One to rescan all installed plugins anew.