Setting up iLOK

Korneff Audio plug-ins are secured with iLOK. You can use an iLOK Dongle Gen 2 or higher, an iLOK Cloud account, or iLOK Machine Authorization. If you already have an iLOK account, installation is straightforward. 

New to iLOK? Easy as cheese! Set up an account here

We made you a video.

  1. When you get to the iLOK website, click on Create Free Account to set up your, well, free account. You'll set up a user ID and a password. 

  1. Download and install the iLOK License Manager.

  1. When you launch your DAW, an iLOK authorization box will pop up. You might have to sign into your account. Select where you want to save your license key,  on your dongle or in your cloud account. Please note that our software requires you to have a Gen 2 or higher dongle. 

  1. Your license key is a 16 digit number, and can be found in the e-mail confirming your order. It can also be found on our website, in your account area. Go to here to login. Click on Orders, and the click on the View button. 

  1. Cut and paste in your license code... or manually type it in a few times until you manage to actually type it in correctly. 

  1. To use your software, your dongle must be plugged in, or your iLOK cloud account must be open. Generally, the iLOK cloud system will work in the background automatically and it won't be any sort of issues.

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