Plug-in Installation

Our plug-in installation process is painless. To make it super easy, we’ve created a quick video, or you can follow text instructions below.

  1. The installer package will download to your computer. Double click it to Unzip it, it will open into a folder.
  2. If you're installing on a PC, double click on the .exe file. If you're on a Mac, double click the .pkg file. This will start the installation process.
  3. IMPORTANT: Be sure to read through and accept the Terms of Software!
  4. You'll have a choice of which plug-in version you need to install. On the PC, you can install either VST3 or AAX versions. On the Mac you have a choice of AAX, AU, and VST3. Choose the version you wish, or all of them if that's your jam!
  5. You'll have to choose the location on your drives where you wish the plug-ins to be installed. Generally, the installer will present you with the best location option. Click install to continue.
  6. The installer will copy the software to the correct locations. The Mac installer will prompt you to throw out the now used installer, and you can do this if you wish as your software is always available in your account online.
  7. To use your software, launch your DAW. Depending on your DAW software, there maybe some additional steps required to have your DAW access the plug-in.

If you’re new to Korneff Audio and you’ve not set up an iLok account yet, you’ll have to do that.  
Go here: Setting up iLok.
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