Demo Installers and Demo Activation

Korneff Audio Demo installers are available on our website. To get an installer, set up an account on our website here. Once you’ve set up your account, navigate to the plug-in you’re interested, find the Demo link towards the top of the page and click on it.

Demo versions don't need a code for activation. When the iLok Authorization box pops up, just click "Try" to start your demo. 

Our demos are fully functional for 7 days after activation. 

We cannot reset demos, so if you activate it and don’t get a chance to thoroughly test the plug-in, you’ll perhaps have to mope in the kitchen late at night, eating some sugary breakfast cereal, and contemplate buying a pet. Or you could just buy it and fall in love...

If you decide you love the demo and can’t live without the plug-in, go to our website, navigate to the plug-in you want, and buy it. There is no reason to download the installer again: All you need to do is use the license code on your Orders page to set up iLOK.

Setting up iLok.